One Monthly Goal – Baby Quilt

I know when I was making plans for this week those angels were just laughing at me! I’ve hardly had a minute to sew, but on Tuesday, I did get about half the quilt done and today I did the rest. Finishing this was my One Monthly Goal Post for September.

In between those two sessions of quilting, I’ve been a social butterfly. And worked, run errands, done all the things a person has to do. Not a single block made! Tomorrow is temple day, and Saturday there are two General Conference sessions from Salt Lake City, with two more on Sunday. But I never sew on Sunday anyway. I’m not likely to get much done Saturday around the sessions, but something, maybe.

This pattern came from a tutorial on Wedding Dress Blue. I don’t know how much quilting I can get to show up. I really hope her husband isn’t an engineer or a banker. Those types are driven crazy by angles that aren’t the same, or angles with curves. LOL

First, I tried to get pictures of the quilting. Here’s the back in a couple. You can click to enlarge.



Then the front. This was quilted with a variegated yellow Mettler I had on a cone. I liked the way it looked when I finished.



And nicely trimmed, ready for binding … which won’t happen until Monday.


So I miss my One Monthly Goal for September. Click that link to see how everyone else did. I’m linking, even though I didn’t quite finish, just to show my progress.

I hope you did better with your goals this week than I did!

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Monday Goals

Last week did go a little better. My energy is starting to come back. There were a lot of interruptions to the week, but I still managed to make some progress. Here’s how that went.

Goals for week of September 19:

  1. Sew 5 pattern blocks for September Baby Quilt using Debby Kratovil’s September Calendar Girls Block, Union Squares. I did finish one block, but while I love the block, I don’t like making it, at least not this way, so I’m dropping this project.

  3. Work on last six setting blocks for second American Hero quilt from 2015 F2F blocksFinished!
  4. Work on CQJP2016 (evenings) – June Block I made a little progress here, too
  5. Stitch oval to background for wool snowman sent by Rhonda at Patchwork Sampler Black on black, fun – not! But it’s stitched down.
  6. Finish Hexathon block 4 Box Hill Finished!
  7. Prep 100 Hugs for quilting Not.
  8. Begin Fall Love QAL Block 3 Not.
  9. Trace Emperor’s Wives 3 & 4 Not.
  10. Make the second F2F swap block for Moira – red/white/blue – such a hardship! Used the one Union Squares block and also made the third block.

  12. Westering Women Chimney Rock Block Finished! I chose NOT to master the y-seams this month.

  14. Catch up on Modern HST Sampler blocks Block 17 finished. Still need 18.

Leader-Ender: Cut pieces and sew 4-patches for Uncle Donald’s quilt blocks Three made, 21 blocks now made, going for 35.

Goals for week of September 26:

  1. Begin putting together second American Hero quilt from 2015 F2F blocks
  2. Work on CQJP2016 (evenings) – June Block
  3. Cut round pennies for wool snowman sent by Rhonda at Patchwork Sampler
  4. Start new Hexathon block #5 Upton
  5. Prep, quilt and bind 100 Hugs
  6. Begin Fall Love QAL Block 3
  7. Trace Emperor’s Wives 3 & 4
  8. Modern HST Sampler block 18, Ribbon

Leader-Ender: Sort pieces and sew 4-patches for Uncle Donald’s quilt blocks

Back Burner
Jenny Christmas Wreath, Scrap Vortex, and Mary Lou Chickens.

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A Mormon Moment

MormonMoments Although the calendar says it’s fall, the temperatures aren’t showing it yet. Predictions say that Tuesday it will drop into the high 70s. That’s more like it! I’m looking forward to getting the air conditioner out of the kitchen window soon, preparing things for winter, dragging out my favorite quilts, and doing a little fall cleaning. Not a lot. Don’t want to overdo these things.

Saturday morning, I was contemplating the mother of Christ. Our choir is starting again today, another sign of fall, and there will be a Christmas program. Christmas falls on Sunday this year (just three months from today!), so we will have just Sacrament meeting, which I expect will be mostly music. The following Sunday starts the new year, and we’ll be back on the 9 am meeting schedule for 2017. I sort of prefer 11:30, but both have advantages and disadvantages.

I was reflecting on music that might be chosen for Christmas, and one of my favorites is Mary’s Lullaby, by Wanda West Palmer. My ward in Avondale, AZ, almost always included this in our Christmas worship somewhere. It’s beautiful sung with alto, soprano and 2nd soprano, which is how we did it. Even in the solo version below, I think the feelings of Mary’s heart come through. The singer isn’t perfect, but I think she conveys Mary’s feelings.

Madonna_SewardThinking of the words of the song again as I sewed on Saturday, I tried to put myself in Mary’s place. She was visited by an angel, she knew who her child was and what he was to become. She had talked of the spiritual things, as well as about motherhood, with her cousin, Elizabeth, who also was carrying a blessed child.

I know there were many things she did not know, many implications and connections she didn’t make on that night of Christ’s birth. Still, I can imagine her thinking that He does not yet belong to the world, that he is not yet called to be the Savior of mankind. For right that moment, Jesus was all Mary’s, and the world could wait.

Galilee Synagogue; Mother & Jesus

Galilee Synagogue; Mother & Jesus

Mary followed her son through his ministry, all the way to the foot of the cross. How many times did she think that perhaps things would not turn out so badly, that perhaps the “red drops on Calvary” would not be His? How many times did she think that it might come, but not now, not this week, this month, this year? I’m familiar with that kind of thinking, and I can empathize with Mary, the mother of the Savior. She was called to a hard thing. I am reminded of this reassurance from Paul to the Philippians, and thence to all of us. Philippians 4 is one of my favorite Bible chapters.


Mary is not in the Book of Mormon, though her son is, of course. Yet, she is still a hero to me simply because she said unto God’s angel, “Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word.” Luke 1:38. She said that at fourteen, scholars tell us, and never wavered from it.

We are also told in several places that Mary “kept all these things in her heart and pondered them.” I imagine her watching Jesus learning to walk, playing with other children, helping Joseph, growing into a wonderful young man whom she loved dearly.

I imagine how often her thoughts turned to His purpose on the earth. I even imagine her wishing she could take upon herself the pain and suffering he would have to endure. What mother wouldn’t wish to spare her child that? How many times over the years did she suffer for him? And how many times did she rejoice that Heavenly Father had sent Jesus to save us all?

It reminds me of a word my friend, who blogs at New Life Rising, talked about last week … bittersweet. So many things in life are both of these, and being the mother of Christ was the best example I know of bittersweet. For all this and more, Mary is my hero, too, so I’ve written about her today. Maybe your mother’s heart will be touched by Mary’s.

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Saturday Wind Up

Linking with WIPs Be Gone at A Quilting Readers Garden.

I’ll still be doing some handwork for a while, but not a lot. Tonight, we’re having a pot luck dinner before the General Women’s Conference, so I’ll be busy for most of the evening after six. However, this morning I did accomplish something. I’m getting my energy back, and my accuracy, thank goodness!

First, I worked on block 17, Cross Angle, in the Modern HST Sampler blocks from Blossom Heart Quilts. I didn’t make it from HSTs. I’m still too tired to be able to work that hard, but I like the way it came out with flying geese, and it’s the same look.


While I was making that, I was putting together the three pink Uncle Donald blocks.


Then, since I wasn’t sure my count was right (21, and it was), I laid out all the blocks. So in love with this quilt! 14 more and I will have 50 x 70 for a lap quilt.


Four of the blocks have a different orientation from the rest. This is in keeping with Uncle Donald’s quilt.

My Calico Rose quilt is home from being quilted by Sue Nebeker.


It is gorgeous! I have to take it to the quilt store next week to trim it and take new photographs, including close-ups of the quilting. I’m wishing I had used a plain backing instead of the canyonlands, so the quilting would show up on the back, but it is visible on the front, the important part. Then binding and I’ll be snuggling with it this winter!

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Finally A Good Sewing Day!

This day went better than expected. I didn’t actually take Stacey to the eye appointment because her husband took the afternoon off work and was home in time to take her. So I did run errands, but mostly, I sewed! First, I finished the last four setting blocks for the American Hero Quilt made from F2F blocks:

One block:


Quilt blocks laid out together – sorry, this is going to be pretty big, so I couldn’t get in the whole thing – if only I were about 3″ taller!


While I worked on those, I also finished this last gold beepie block so I could make the first snowball log block for the second quilt of that name.

beepie_9-23-16 snowballlog2-1

When that was finished, I worked on three pink (yes, you read that correctly!) Uncle Donald blocks. Somehow, I have a LOT of pink squares in my 2.5″ shoebox. You can’t tell there are three in this stack ready to sew together, but there are.


That was fun! Then I had to work most of the rest of the day. I vetted over 400 reading test questions this afternoon, and wrote two tests of my own, plus did the bookkeeping and made up the deposit. And ran errands. And bought 1.5 yards of white at 25% off.

Did you notice how I slipped that acquisition in there? LOL

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Wednesday/Thursday Progress

First, I did spend most of the day Wednesday at the temple and then a meeting. Here are the three of us outside the Nashville Temple yesterday afternoon, a gorgeous middle Tennessee day. I’m the green kangaroo in the middle. If you don’t have young children, you probably won’t get that reference. No problem.


I did a bit of stitching in the car – almost finished hexathon #4, just 3 diamonds to stitch in. I also made a different sort of tree with roots on my June CQJP block.

Today, Stacey came and made tons of progress, which I forgot to photograph. I cut out two blocks and trimmed a bunch of scraps in the corner of the cutting table, turning them into squares of different sizes.

The first block I did is the third one for Moira’s F2F collection for September. I might actually get them mailed before the end of the month! This was playing with that pattern that was in blue with white polka dots the other day. Here’s what I chose, but below it are three other possibilities I rejected. I’m such a traditionalist!


notstar4 notstar2 notstar4

Then I stitched the September Westering Women block, Chimney Rock. I’m still not at 100% focus and energy, so I chose NOT to master the Y-seams on this block. I’m perfectly happy with my center.


Otherwise, the day has been work, and I will also do a little stitching in a bit. Tomorrow, Stacey is having laser surgery on her eyes, her birthday present from her folks, and I’ll be waiting with her and driving her home afterward. During the rest of the day, I expect to sew some!

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Terrific Tuesday

Terrific is always better than terrible! Before I show you my tiny bit of progress for today, let me tell you about a really helpful free download.


Clicking on the logo will take you to the blog post where she describes how she uses it, and where you can download it. She’s taken all the work out of a great idea. We just have to print, snip and paste to have a wonderful record. And punch binder holes, too.

Now, first, I did prepare the wool snowman on a background the other night so I can stitch it down. Here’s the proof of that.


I didn’t trim the shape. I’ll do that after I applique it. Then there will be some added pennies, I think, double stacked pennies, probably.

This morning, I planned to make the Union Squares blocks for my Debby Kratovil Calendar Girl baby quilt for September. I had cut out all the pieces already, Saturday. I decided to make one, just to see how it went together. While I love the block, I don’t like making it. One is all I’m going to make, and that project will drop off the list. The one will go to Moira for her F2F blocks this month. Nothing wasted.


In the process of making the block, I saw that the four blue corners could make a great block on their own. In the 12″ size, each quarter would be 6″, so it would go together quickly. I might play around with that for Moira’s third and last block. It makes a sawtooth star, basically, but playing around with color and position might make something interesting.


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