Saturday and Claire93’s Last Block – No Peeking!

It’s a wet Saturday here in East Tennessee – wow, that’s unusual! (Said with loads of sarcasm!) Yesterday was beautiful, sunny and 65, and later this week, we might top 70, but for today, 50s, cloudy and wet. I started the day in my quilt room and finished my last block for Claire, as well as my last ever F2F block. We had twelve participants last year, and nine this year, and we’re finished with this great idea now.

Have you been following the Everyone’s a Star QAL? I’m not doing all of it, but when Debby Kratovil did a great tutorial on the way she did block three, I decided that was my block. And here it is!


I was so happy with all the corners doing everything they were supposed to do. That always happens when I follow Debby’s directions!

I was working on both a beepie block and two log cabin setting blocks for the teddy bears, but didn’t finish any of the three. However, here are pictures of the heart blocks Sharon at Indigo Threads sent me, arriving yesterday.


Nothing new in today’s mail. I think there is only a trickle of blocks left to come in now. Lots of setting blocks to make, though!

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Thursday Mail Call and Stuff

I hope the person who sent this first set of hearts recognizes them and lets me know her name. The envelope got thrown away before I could note it. They are pretty distinctive, though, and I am thrilled to have them!


Yesterday, these three arrived:

From Marsha Reeves

From Marsha Reeves

Beautiful additions to the group! There can’t be more than 8-10 left to come. I will have to lay them all out when they are all here.

Here’s the final on the Bowtie Teddy, with his eyes sewn on. No, no, this is NOT a baby quilt! This is for me, teddy bear lover since the age of 2.


I also did this beepie block while doing other things yesterday.


Finally, though it wasn’t on my goals list, I’ve been doing the patches for the borders on Mr. Snowman.


Today, there will be stitching on my July CQJP2016. I hope to finish the last bits of it and get some beading done, too.

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F2F Block 2 for Claire93 – Don’t Look!

But last time, she did! LOL Here’s Claire’s second block, made Wednesday. I like this one, also from Debby Kratovil’s Perpetual Block Calendar – this one in December, almost at the end.


Today I saw a block that I am pretty sure will become Claire’s third one. We’ll see for sure next week!

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Scrappy 15th

Informational note: I saw my first blooming redbud tree yesterday and the first plum today!

Kate and Gun (first two below) host:


It’s a day for showing something made from scraps. The list is longer all the time!

Usually has a scrappy post:

Gun at (in Swedish and English)
Kate at (in English only)
Titti at (in Swedish only)
Heléne at (in Swedish only)
Eva at (in Swedish only)

Sometimes has a scrappy post:

Sue at (in English only)
Nanette at (in English only)
Lynn at (in English only)
Norma at (in English only)

Lynda at: (in English only)
Birthe: (in Norwegian only)
Turid: (in English and Norwegian)
Cathy: (in English only)

Debbierose: (in English only)
Tracy: (in English only)
Jill: (in English only)
Claire: (in English only)

Jan: (in English only)
Karen: (in English only)
Deb: (in English only)

Here’s a scrappy setting block I made today to go with my scrappy hearts:


And here’s a collage of some of the lotto blocks I’ve received in the lotto. I’m SO excited about these! The link will take you to the blog where you can see the block for this month. It isn’t too late to join and make a chance or two for yourself!

robinw bpost
jedling north_uk

If I didn’t already have another plan, putting them all together this way would be very tempting! You can click on links above to find more scrap happy quilting!

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Bow Tie Teddy – BOM #1

I did make the Bow Tie Teddy from Quilted Snail on Monday and Tuesday. I still have to get some tiny black buttons for the eyes, or maybe even tiny eyes. I remember pulling those off my teddy when I was little.


I tried black and white for the buttonhole stitching, but neither one was right. My red was the wrong color, too. I wound up using the Aurifil light grey and it is alright. I did the accent stitching with my straight stretch stitch, and I think, in person, it stands out enough. I like the background, and I had just enough for the 12 background blocks.

For those concerned about the button eyes: No little ones will be allowed within miles of this quilt. It’s for ME! I don’t put anything removable on baby quilts … or toddler quilts. I really am quite experienced at this. LOL!

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Happy Valentine Hearts!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you from all of me!


Now for the lotto hearts from Saturday and today’s mail:

from Barb Post

from Barb Post

From Elizabeth Clark

From Elizabeth Clark

From J Edling

From J Edling

From Ms North, all the way from Surrey, UK

From Ms North, all the way from Surrey, UK

That’s 15 more to add to all the ones I’ve lost count of now! Probably not too many more of my 51 to come.

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Monday Goals

Goals for week of February 6:

  1. February One Monthly Goal – Finish last Birdie Stitches block Worked on, just a little more to go. On track to finish this week, though!

  3. Work on seams for July Postcard CQ block Didn’t quite finish seam, but did work on it!

  5. February Lotto Blocks No more made yet.
  6. Find prepped applique basket block from 2011 Found it. Can’t find the pattern, can’t find the original basket block. I’ve decided this one is going to be dropped off the list. Without the pattern, I can’t make it. So, goodbye Garden Kisses and Hugs by Jan Patek!
  7. Finish Sunny Lanes block into baby quilt. Finished!

  9. Make first F2F block for February. Finished!

Possible Leader-Enders:

  • Snowball log cabin blocks one finished

  • Begin setting blocks for 25-Patch quilt
  • Promised Land 4-Patches
  • beepie blocks

Goals for week of February 13:

  1. February One Monthly Goal – Finish last Birdie Stitches block
  2. Work on seams for July Postcard CQ block
  3. February Lotto Blocks
  4. Make second F2F block for February.
  5. Make Bowtie Teddy, first BOM block

Possible Leader-Enders:

  • Snowball log cabin blocks
  • Begin setting blocks for 25-Patch quilt
  • Promised Land 4-Patches
  • beepie blocks
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