Berry Cross QAL

Did I mention I think I’m going to do this QAL? If you follow my Quilt BOM blog, you saw the post about this on the 15th. I don’t know how big my quilt will be, but it looks like fun.


And do you remember these fabrics from the Row by Row Shop Hop last summer? They were from Bernina in Stitches in Johnson City. I got them at an amazing price, so I bought two, and some of them will wind up being given away soon. A lot of them, however, are going into the Berry Cross blocks!


Click on the Berry Cross Logo to find out all the details and maybe you’ll want to do this, too! I really love the option with the orange (scroll down post), and that’s what encouraged me to use these fabrics. Mine will be a scrappy version because … well, you know me. I’m a scrappy quilter! I wouldn’t be surprised if some other solids crept in, but this is the grouping I’m planning to use exclusively.

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Don’t Read This, Kate!

I don’t know where the weeks are going. It seems like I have church, and then Stacey comes, and then it’s time for church again already! But I did get a little more done, partly reported this morning.

Saturday, I did get busy early in the day and accomplished a bit. I finished the second and third of the F2F swap blocks for Kate in Australia. Scroll down to the bottom of the F2F Gallery to see the other blocks already received by Kate.

Here are all three of mine:




I also worked on Uncle Donald blocks 28-34 for the current project, but you saw those pics already. Today’s leader-enders were the four patches for the 35th and last block, and these 9-patches for a swap:


Then I finished the second and last border on the second American Hero quilt made from a third of my 2015 F2F swap blocks. The remaining blocks will go in a quilt for me, but probably not until January. The quilt is about 75″ square, so I couldn’t get all of it in the picture, not even standing on the sofa. I don’t have a place where I can stand back far enough or get high up enough. And … it’s sideways. Ooops!


Thereafter, I worked, and later watched Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow with Thing 1, who has decided what this house needs is a cat, or preferably two siblings. They are Russian Blue-Manx kittens at the rescue place. We’ll see. If I don’t have to do anything to care for them, and if they go when Thing 1 leaves home sometime, then it’ll probably happen. I think it could be helpful for #1 child to have unconditional pet love right now.

It isn’t that I don’t like cats, because I definitely do! I simply don’t want the responsibility of caring for anything else. So maybe Annabel and Anastasia will come home with us, or maybe it will be Tipper or Sassy, adult Russian Blues. Or maybe not. There’s no prophecy about this one.

Anastasia 4
Annabelle 2
Tipper 1
Sissy 3
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Monday Goals

Goals for week of October 10:

  1. Make borders for American Hero quilt from 2015 F2F blocks First one on!
  2. Work on CQJP2016 (evenings) – June Block Finished except for beading.
  3. Cut round pennies for wool snowman sent by Rhonda at Patchwork Sampler Ooops!
  4. Finish new Hexathon block #5 Upton Finished!

  6. Work on Fall Love QAL Block 3 More Ooops!
  7. Trace Emperor’s Wives 3 and 4 on new linen. Finished!
  8. Modern HST Sampler block 19, Perspective Finished! (two, in fact!)


Leader-Ender: Sort pieces and sew 4-patches for Uncle Donald’s quilt blocks Have six more ready to put together and one stitched together. That means 1 more and I have 35. Is 50 x 70 enough? We’ll see.

ud28 ud29-34

Back Burner
Jenny Christmas Wreath, Scrap Vortex, and Mary Lou Chickens.

Goals for week of October 17:

  1. Finish 2nd border for American Hero quilt from 2015 F2F blocks
  2. Work on July and August Postcards From Heaven – Jenny or Allie’s, using KJV scriptures
  3. Baste new Hexathon block #6 Kensington Star
  4. Work on Fall Love QAL Block 3
  5. Make at least 4 Autumn Jubilee QAL leaf blocks

Kate’s colors:f2f-collage


  • Finish 35th block for Uncle Donald’s quilt
  • Make 3 churn dash blocks to swap
  • Make 3 nine-patch blocks to swap
    Back Burner
    Jenny Christmas Wreath, Scrap Vortex, and Mary Lou Chickens. Pennies for Rhonda’s Snowman

    Shorter list because I have babysitting duty one afternoon, and must accomplish some other things this week which don’t put me in the quilt room, sadly. I’m not sure if we’ll get to go to the temple this week, but if we do, it will be Atlanta because of when we will need to go. Life is always interesting, isn’t it?

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    A Mormon Moment

    MormonMoments This is a continuation of what I started last week. I had intended to post it all, but it was WAY too long!

    The second thing I’d been thinking about, and continue to ponder, is that in my yearly journal through The Book of Mormon, I’ve finished the actual book in it which bears the title of Mormon. The majority of it was written by Mormon, and the last chapter was completed by his son Moroni.


    I’ve spoken a little about Mormon in the past, and that’s James Fullmer’s portrait of him above. The entire book, containing the writings of Nephi and Alma and many other ancient prophets, bears his name because he was the prophet who took all the records of the Nephites and made a condensed version, as directed by the Lord, that would come forth in our times.

    As I read his words, I was again and again impressed with his faith in difficult times, and great trials, even seeing the complete destruction of his entire people, the Nephites. Definitely, he’s someone I would like to get to know after this life, a hero to me.

    Mormon 2:8 shares his observations of the people: But behold, the land was filled with robbers and with Lamanites; and notwithstanding the great destruction which hung over my people, they did not repent of their evil doings; therefore there was blood and carnage spread throughout all the face of the land, both on the part of the Nephites and also on the part of the Lamanites; and it was one complete revolution throughout all the face of the land.

    Two Gadianton robber leaders who came to a bad end, 1st century AD.

    zemnarihah kishkumen

    I pondered that scripture for a couple of days, because I believe we, in our country and the world as a whole, are again approaching a point somewhat like what he describes. We are not all the way there, yet, and I hope that all the world is filled with a spirit of repentance before we reach that point. Nevertheless, it resonated with me.

    Mormon saw the wickedness of his people. When they won a battle, they celebrated, but they didn’t have gratitude for the Lord. In fact they thought they did it on their own, and celebrated their own greatness instead. At one point, he actually quit leading the army because he couldn’t bear their blindness. He wanted to preach repentance, but the Lord told him he couldn’t!

    mormonprophetwarriorMormon 1:16-17: And I did endeavor to preach unto this people, but my mouth was shut, and I was forbidden that I should preach unto them; for behold they had willfully rebelled against their God; and the beloved disciples were taken away out of the land, because of their iniquity.

    But I did remain among them, but I was forbidden to preach unto them, because of the hardness of their hearts; and because of the hardness of their hearts, the land was cursed for their sake.

    I don’t think we are quite there yet, but there are some pretty ugly things going on in the world, even in our own country, and I fear we may get there at some point.

    This part, though, this really broke my heart to read his last recorded words about his people in Mormon 6, beginning with verse 11. I am skipping a few verses, but you can find them here, if you choose.

    11 And when they [the Lamanite armies] had gone through and hewn down all my people save it were twenty and four of us, (among whom was my son Moroni) and we having survived the dead of our people, did behold on the morrow, when the Lamanites had returned unto their camps, from the top of the hill Cumorah, the ten thousand of my people who were hewn down, being led in the front by me.

    What that means is that only 24 of the hundreds of thousands of Nephites who left and moved northward, trying to escape from their enemies, remained alive. Each commander led 10,000 Nephites. So he is saying from the top of Cumorah (upstate New York), they looked down on the final day and saw the 10,000 who had been led by Mormon, all dead.

    He goes on to list 12 more commanders by name, including Moroni, whose ten thousands all lay daad. He also says there are another 10 commanders, each with 10,000 people. So 23 commanders x 10,000 = 230,000 people, men and women, old and young, killed in the last mighty battle, leaving only 24.


    Here’s the heart breaking part, for me, verses 16-22: And my soul was rent with anguish, because of the slain of my people, and I cried: O ye fair ones, how could ye have departed from the ways of the Lord! O ye fair ones, how could ye have rejected that Jesus, who stood with open arms to receive you!

    Behold, if ye had not done this, ye would not have fallen. But behold, ye are fallen, and I mourn your loss. O ye fair sons and daughters, ye fathers and mothers, ye husbands and wives, ye fair ones, how is it that ye could have fallen! But behold, ye are gone, and my sorrows cannot bring your return.

    And the day soon cometh that your mortal must put on immortality, and these bodies which are now moldering in corruption must soon become incorruptible bodies; and then ye must stand before the judgment-seat of Christ, to be judged according to your works; and if it so be that ye are righteous, then are ye blessed with your fathers who have gone before you.

    O that ye had repented before this great destruction had come upon you. But behold, ye are gone, and the Father, yea, the Eternal Father of heaven, knoweth your state; and he doeth with you according to his justice and mercy.

    Moroni and Mormon at the end, when Mormon was wounded:


    I can only imagine his sorrow. No, I can’t. I can’t even begin imagine it! That would be like standing on top of the Sun Sphere in downtown Knoxville and looking out to see all the city’s people dead in the streets. The city itself doesn’t have many more than 230,000. And that was only ONE battle, the last full day of the last battle. All the way across this country, the Nephites had fled and been hunted and died in battles. There had been millions of them, and then … only 24.

    In last week’s Sunday School lesson, there was this quote from Samuel the Lamanite Prophet in Helaman 13:11: But if ye will repent and return unto the Lord your God I will turn away mine anger, saith the Lord; yea, thus saith the Lord, blessed are they who will repent and turn unto me, but wo unto him that repenteth not.

    Yes, I don’t want that woe. I want the repentance that changes my heart so that I have no more disposition to do wrong, and I walk in the footsteps of my Savior.

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    Stacey Thursday

    As is normal on Thursdays, Stacey was here this morning. She finished sewing the last part of the last emergency quilt, and even started the borders. This one is for her son. Here it is without borders, the best we could get with the size of it and the limitations of my space. He’s a Star Wars fan, so there are some leftover Star Wars fabric scraps in this one.


    It seems to have taken forever, but she’s down to borders on two of them, and then on to tying and binding – though I think the plan is to birth them.

    While Stacey was busy with that, I cut out and pieced a block from Debby Kratovil’s calendar. It’s the block from November 13, oddly enough, Scott’s Plaid, but I think of it as Scots Plaid, being Scots-Irish. (No, no! Scotch is a drink, not a person!)


    I loved how it worked out. The block is actually one quarter section, but I made 4 and put them together for the 12″ finished block. The bird fabric is one I bought this summer on the RxR Experience hop in Chattanooga. I bought a FQ, which turned out to be only a FE. They looked all through the store and eventually found the other FE, but not another speck of it, sadly. It took a little more than half of one of those pieces for this block, because I fussy cut the birds, to the extent that I could.

    I also have this block partly finished. My back can’t sit forever in the chair I have, so I had to quit at this point.


    This is the Westering Women block, Sage Bud, for October, and I wanted to try it out with some other fabric first. I did actually do this as Y-seams, and it wasn’t too bad. It’s almost accurate, too. LOL

    Both of these will be going to Kate in Australia for the F2F swap for October, along with a third block I haven’t decided on yet. Her colors were orange, yellow, fuchsia, and navy blue.

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    Autumn and Progress

    Monday, I did trace some embroideries, but that doesn’t show up much, so no picture. Tuesday, I sewed some and have the first border on the American Hero quilt.


    I also chose a wide border for it – 4 inches finished. It’s Navy fabric, and I started not to use it, but something told me I should, so there must be a Seal or some Navy person who needs it.


    I also worked on these three Uncle Donald blocks, but they aren’t finished yet.

    ud25 ud26

    Today I went to the temple in Nashville and Upton, Hexathon #5 is finished, but I didn’t get a picture. I did half the driving, so that’s all I accomplished, there and back. The fall color in the high passes of the Smokies between here and Nashville is beautiful. More brilliant reds than I’ve seen in six years. Maybe that’s what a dry spell does. Still lots of color to come, though.

    Here are some pictures I took Monday at the doctor’s office where I delivered the 100 Hugs to my friend, and she did love it, as you all predicted. Click to enlarge.

    1tree_2016 2tree_2016
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    Monday Goals

    Happy Columbus Day! I know that may not be PC for some people, but I still think he was a very brave man of vision to come, and to put up with all the things he endured. I had ancestors on both sides of the ocean, and in me, they are all at peace.

    I did more in one day this week than the entire week before!

    Goals for week of October 3:

    1. Begin putting together second American Hero quilt from 2015 F2F blocks All blocks together!

    3. Work on CQJP2016 (evenings) – June Block 3 seams finished, 2 of them new
    4. Cut round pennies for wool snowman sent by Rhonda at Patchwork Sampler Cut larger red ones
    5. Start new Hexathon block #5 Upton All pieces basted!

    7. Bind 100 Hugs Finished!

    9. Begin Fall Love QAL Block 3 Traced center bouquet for block
    10. Trace Emperor’s Wives 3 & 4 Ooops! Used the cut background blocks for something else, so had to order more linen. It arrived late Saturday. All set for this week.
    11. Modern HST Sampler block 18, Ribbon Finished on Monday!


    Leader-Ender: Sort pieces and sew 4-patches for Uncle Donald’s quilt blocks Sorted several more squares sets and began sewing. 3 blocks sewn, bringing total to 24. Also continued working on the log cabin leader-enders for the Snowball logs for the second quilt.

    Goals for week of October 10:

    1. Make borders for American Hero quilt from 2015 F2F blocks
    2. Work on CQJP2016 (evenings) – June Block
    3. Cut round pennies for wool snowman sent by Rhonda at Patchwork Sampler
    4. Finish new Hexathon block #5 Upton
    5. Work on Fall Love QAL Block 3
    6. Trace Emperor’s Wives 3 & 4 on new linen.
    7. Modern HST Sampler block 19, Perspective

    Leader-Ender: Sort pieces and sew 4-patches for Uncle Donald’s quilt blocks

    Back Burner
    Jenny Christmas Wreath, Scrap Vortex, and Mary Lou Chickens.

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