F2F Blocks Arrived in the Mail

In the last week or so, the rest of my F2F blocks have arrived! Here they are in order of arrival:

Sandra (who has no blog):




and some beautiful buttons Lynn included:






One more set to arrive, plus making my own and these will be ready to marinate in thought for a while and then become a quilt!

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Advent – December 8

Times I can pray for others:

1. In morning and evening prayers, remember those who need special comfort and healing.
2. At meals, pray for those who prepared the food, and others who have special needs.
3. Pray to find someone who needs special help I can provide.
4. Send up prayers of gratitude for all that my Heavenly Father has given me.
5. Read and ponder the Lord’s Prayer. What does it mean in my life?
6. Listen for the answers to my prayers. Learn to recognize the answers.
7. Pray for friends in tough situations.
8. Pray for those over whom I have some responsibility – family, friends, co-workers.
9. Pray for those I know are in sad or dangerous circumstances – Gatlinburg, the middle east, our soldiers, those who are poor and hungry, facing a cold winter.
10. Read or listen to learn about how to pray and the power of prayer.


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Advent – December 7

Ways I can feed the hungry:

1. Donate to a food bank.
2. Volunteer for things like Meals on Wheels.
3. Join with a group of others to cook a hot meal for those under the bridge downtown.
4. Fast for two meals and donate the money to feed the hungry.
5. Share low-cost delicious and nutritiousrecipes with those who have small budgets.
6. Eat at restaurants which donate food. (known: Sullivan’s, McDonald’s on Cumberland and O’Charley’s in Knoxville)
7. Feed someone who is spiritually hungry.
8. Invite someone on a small budget to eat with me.
9. Work at the Bishop’s Storehouse, packing food for those needing assistance. (Anyone can volunteer to do this.)
10. Donate cans of food at Kroger or other stores collecting for families in need.
11. When the postal workers are collecting food for the food banks, leave a generous bag to be picked up.


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Mail Call: Shoebox Swap!

It’s the time of year when a few friends and I send out the boxes we’ve been collecting little things in all year. Requirements for the Shoebox Swap include 24 FQs, 1 each month from two different colors; chocolate; one handmade item from a list of choices. Anything else is just because and nothing else is required. Most of us do put other little fun things in, though. We ship between Thanksgiving and Dec. 7, so tomorrow is the last shipping day, and I think we have all boxes either in the air or landed!

My box came yesterday, and I didn’t mean to hold it for 24 hours – I never do! Some people wait until Christmas day, but I am not into self-torture. I was just super busy until late this afternoon, but it was worth the wait.

First the box. It’s called shoebox because that’s the size limit – and no size 13 men’s hiking boots, either! Often, however, it doesn’t get mailed in an actual shoebox.

So mine this year came in this box.     box
And it had this card.    card
So what was inside, you might wonder. All these lovely packages!     packages
See the adorable snowman bag and the cool cup next to it? Candy filled! Ghiradelli and Lind Truffles – yum!     candy
What to open next? Believing that good things come in small packages … there was this tiniest pair of scissors ever!     tiny
Next up, note pads! Who doesn’t need these for grocery lists, telephone numbers and sizes of quilts?     notes

Then I found not one, but two, snowman panels, with fabrics that can be used to make them into quilts. A light and a dark! These blocks on the light one say:
Right: The road to a friend’s house is never long. Left: It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see. ~Thoreau

lightsnow darksnow

Finally, there’s all the fabric, and then more fabric, and then some more!


Now THAT’s what I call a Shoebox of Fun! We collect all year, so it isn’t much each month, $6-8 average. I hope you enjoyed seeing my wonderful shoebox from my friend, Moira. There is also a handmade needlebook, and I don’t know what happened to that picture, but it’s cute and will show up on my blog at some point!

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Advent – December 6

Ways I can study the scriptures:

1. Read daily, and ponder what I read. (Don’t forget!)
2. Study scriptures with a friend.
3. Share a scripture with someone.
4. Post a favorite scripture on some social media. (Every Sunday right here in 2017!)
5. Listen to scriptures in the car.
6. Put a scripture app on the phone. (I did it!)
7. Give a book of scripture to someone for Christmas.

A lot of my friends are ready the story of the Savior in the 4 gospels, together, this year. Here’s the schedule, in case you’d like to do it, too. It isn’t too late to catch up!


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Advent – December 5

Ways I can heal the sick:

1. Pray daily for those who are sick and suffering.
2. Sign up to be an organ donor.
3. Learn first aid, including CPR.
4. Keep a first aid kit, blanket, pillow and snacks in the trunk of the car.
5. Volunteer in a nursing home.
6. Grow and donate my hair to someone taking chemo.
7. Visit children who can’t go home for the holidays. Take books and/or toys.
8. Crochet hats for those on chemo.
9. Suggest a priesthood blessing. 1


1 To find out what a blessing is, and is not, read this talk by Dallin H. Oaks. Healing the Sick from the April, 2010, General Conference. LDS believe in using all the medical science available, using the power of prayer, and using priesthood blessings. We do what we can do first, then we seek a blessing from one with authority.

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Monday Goals

I’m dropping goals down a little. It’s December and my life is still filled with a lot of responsibilities, including an additional project of editing a book. I don’t want to hit burnout, so I’m scheduling my days to divide my time among all the things I need to do. I even scheduled laundry and cleaning for 90 minutes a week.

Goals for week of December 5.

  1. Add border on Flower Fairies backing
  2. Work on seams for July Postcard CQ block

  4. Nine Patches for swaps
  5. Choose blocks or pattern for new baby quilt.


Back Burner

  • Jenny Christmas Wreath, Scrap Vortex, and Mary Lou Chickens.
  • Pennies for Rhonda’s Snowman
  • Work on Fall Love QAL Block 3
  • Make more punkins for Autumn Jubilee QAL
  • Postcards From Heaven
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