A Top Finish

My job in making this quilt for a friend moving back to Salt Lake was to stitch two blocks and then put everyone’s blocks together. Now it gets handed off to the quilter and the binder, but I’m pleased the way it worked out. This took 3 hours to put together, starting with 16 blocks. Not too bad! But it’s big pieces.

The blocks are 16″ finished, and the total on the quilt is 76″ x 76″. It was too big to get a good picture on my living room floor. I couldn’t spread it out and smooth it at that size! I couldn’t even get tall enough to fit it all in the frame.


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Monday Goals

I realized this week that I blew my One Monthly Goal entirely. I basted the wrong quilt! So, it still needs to be done, and it will still go to H2H, but it won’t be the One Monthly Goal met. There went that perfect record! Only took 3 months. 1f60b

Week of May 16. I did get a little done in a very discombobulated week.

  1. Make blog hop project Top Finished.
  2. Debby Kratovil’s Calendar Girls – applique leaves for March block. Yes and no. I didn’t do the leaves. I left them off, and the quilt top is all together and in the American Hero box
  3. PatchesNoLeaves

  4. Finish Steps 3 and 4 for Scrap Dance Tango worked on, not finished
  5. ScrapDanceTango_A

  6. Begin FMQ quilting Batik H blocks for H2H. Eeek! No!
  7. Make Fussy Cut Hexagons – at least one flower. No. But I did work on the first Hexathon block, Westminster
  8. Put hexagons together for Jenny of Elefantz Christmas Wreath. Yes!
  9. Work on pattern testing blocks Finished Step 2.
  10. Make CQJP2016 May block And that would be a no

Leader-Ender: Churn Dash blocks I did work on these! Four are finished.

Now, what’s up for the coming week of May 23. It still looks like a lot, but I will be home full time, every day.

  1. Put Lindsey’s Goodbye top together
  2. FMQ blog hop project
  3. FMQ Batik H blocks for H2H.
  4. Work on pattern testing blocks
  5. Make CQJP2016 May block

Leader-Ender: Churn Dash blocks

Back Burner: Finish Steps 3 and 4 for Scrap Dance Tango
May Lotto Blocks, Modern HST, Promised Land and Scrap Vortex
Hexathon blocks.
Applique wreath to background for Jenny of Elefantz Christmas Wreath

Next Month: F2F blocks, navy, mustard, gray/black and log cabin scrap quilt, Debby Kratovil’s Snail’s Trail Star

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A Mormon Moment

MormonMoments I started the day looking at Jenny’s Sunday verse. I like to read her thoughts each Sunday, because they parallel my studies so often. Jenny is not LDS, but we agree on many, many things in Christianity, and on ways to come to Christ. Her verse this week is about encouraging words and comes from Hebrews 3:13. I think she uses the NIV Bible, while I use KJV. The poster below is the KJV of the verse.


Today, I also found AMP (amplified) on the list of versions, and, for this verse, at least, I liked the extra explanation.

Hebrews 3:13 AMP: But continually encourage one another every day, as long as it is called “Today” [and there is an opportunity], so that none of you will be hardened [into settled rebellion] by the deceitfulness of sin [its cleverness, delusive glamour, and sophistication].

It occurred to me, and this is why I mention this verse today, that this is exactly what all of my Book of Mormon heroes have done. Nephi encouraged and exhorted his brothers to return to Christ. He taught his people of Christ and how to live a Christian life. Abinadi’s life was devoted to this purpose, and in the end, he exhorted King Noah and his priests to repent and not be hardened by sin. One man listened and took that to heart, Alma. Alma spent his life doing the same. King Benjamin called his people together at the end of his life to be sure that he had given the primary message of Christ to them all of his life.


Over and over, I see that the lives these people lived were devoted to Christ and to their fellow beings. Their whole purpose was to exhort and encourage one another daily, as long as it was today and there was an opportunity. We all know that the day is coming when there will no longer be an opportunity. We must share the gospel of Christ while we can and bring souls to Him.

This week, I want to tell you a little bit about Alma and Mosiah together. This is Alma I and Mosiah II, son of Benjamin and grandson of Mosiah I. The Nephites didn’t use the numbers, but just to help us keep it straight, I have.


Palenque Ruins 2

When Alma and his people arrived in Zarahemla, it was about 120 B.C. We don’t have their calendar, but according to our reckoning of time, that’s when it was. Previously, the Nephites had joined the Mulekites in their city of Zarahemla, and also Lemhi’s people, called the people of Zeniff (who was the original Nephite who had left to return to the land of Lehi-Nephi, ancestral lands, one might term it) had come to Zarahemla. So there were basically four groups living in Zarahemla, three of them Nephites or branches of the Nephites, and then the Mulekites who were descended from Zedekiah’s surviving son, Mulek1, at the time of the destruction of Jerusalem.


Artist’s rendition of Zarahemla

Mosiah 25 gives an account of Mosiah and Alma coming together to serve the people. The Mulekites had previously chosen to have Mosiah I as their king, also. I imagine this might have had something to do with the fact that he had the ancient records of Israel and knew the original language, as did all the Nephites because they had the records to teach them.

Mosiah 25:1 – And now king Mosiah caused that all the people should be gathered together.

Mosiah_FullmerMosiah 25:5-6 – And it came to pass that Mosiah did read, and caused to be read, the records of Zeniff to his people; yeah, he did read the records of the people of Zeniff, from the time they left the land of Zarahemla until they returned again. And he also read the account of Alma and his brethren, and all their afflictions, from the time they left the land of Zarahemla until the time they returned again.

Remember that Alma’s people were originally of those who had descended from Zeniff and those who went with him to their former homeland. At the meeting on that day, all the people of Zarahemla chose to be called Nephites and have Mosiah II as their king. Afterward, Mosiah asked Alma I to speak to the people.

AlmaMosiah 25:15, 17 – And Alma did speak unto them, when they were assembled together in large bodies, and he went from one body to another, preaching unto the people repentance and faith on the Lord. And it came to pass that after Alma had taught the people many things, and had made an end of speaking to them, that king Limhi was desirous that he might be baptized; and all his people were desirous that they might be baptized also.

Alma baptized everyone who came to him, as he had already baptized his own people in the Waters of Mormon. Then Mosiah “granted unto Alma that he might establish churches throughout all the land of Zarahemla ….” Using the word granted makes me think that Alma asked the king’s permission to do so, and it was given to him.


Mosiah 25:21-22 – Therefore they did assemble themselves together in different bodies, being called churches; every church having their priests and their teachers, and every priest preaching the word according as it was delivered to him by the mouth of Alma. And thus, notwithstanding there being many churches they were all one church, yeah, even the church of God; for there was nothing preached in all the churches except it were repentance and faith in God.”

There were seven churches, or congregations, in the land of Zarahemla, which included the city and the surrounding territory. I think of this as one stake, with seven wards, like the one I belong to here in Knoxville. I don’t know how large an area it was, so it might even be seven stakes, each with several wards meeting. That isn’t important. The unity is important, that they all preached the same gospel, as my church today, because all the information came down from the prophet Alma, as it does from the present day prophet, Thomas S. Monson.


Artist’s rendition of Zarahemla, with Nephite Warriors

I like the way the government under King Mosiah worked together with the church under Alma. Each had separate functions, but they worked together, not at odds with one another. Later, when none of Mosiah’s sons would be king, a system of judges was set up. Alma became the chief judge as well as the prophet. That was very wearing on him because he wanted to be preaching to the people, so a time came when he appointed someone else to the chief judge’s seat, while he devoted himself to the spiritual affairs of the church.

Can you imagine a place where the government and the church cooperated? I think our Constitution was designed so that could happen, the government staying out of church affairs, unlike the original purpose for the founding of the Church of England, and the cause of so many leaving England for the colonies. This is the Constitutional meaning of separation of church and state, but it’s been turned on its head so that the church is deemed the enemy of the state now. I like the way the people of Zarahemla did it better!

Next week, we move on to Alma the Younger and the Sons of Mosiah.

1Not a lot is known about the people of Zarahemla, the descendants of Mulek, but what there is is summarized nicely in this article from the March, 1987, Ensign, the church magazine.

2This is not positing that the Palenque Ruins are Book of Mormon relics. This is an example of what the city and temple may have looked like.

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Saturday Mysteries

I actually spent four hours in the quilt room today! Unfortunately, it was mystery stuff, so I don’t have a lot I can show you. First I turned these into something else:


They are much larger now, but still tiny as Fran would have liked. Many steps to go!

Next, I had an idea for turning part of Pink Stinks II jelly roll into a baby quilt for a special project coming up. But … it can’t have more than three colors, so … this still looks the same. However, I’m going to use my idea soon anyway. It involves pinwheels.


In the meantime, I decided to do something else I’ve wanted to do for a while. You’ll never believe the colors I picked! But it will still be a baby quilt.

I used some of the churn dash parts as leader-enders, so I can show you these two swap blocks:


And that wraps up this week’s sewing! Except I’m going to finish the Jenny wreath, stitching hexagons together, tonight. Otherwise, probably nothing else.

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I Can’t Believe It’s Friday!

Linking with WIPs Be Gone.

Where did the week go? Not in accordance with prophecy, I got very little done. One finish, but there wasn’t much to do but put all the pieces together. I’m now caught up to May on Calendar Girls. I’m not doing the May one, but I did make a child’s quilt anyway, and am working on more, so that’s alright. If I hadn’t seen this with the leaf pairs, I don’t think I’d realize it’s a little bare. So I’m pretending I didn’t see that!


I’m still basting my first Hexathon block, Westminster. but I worked on Jenny’s Christmas Wreath and the hexagons are almost all together.


I had mentioned cutting out some churn dash blocks, but I cut out a few more and did start getting pieces put together so I can make the 9-patches that are Churn Dash design. There are 5 in this stack if you include the pink ones that are just partly ready.


Oh, and a bunch of my little 4-patches are made for Scrap Dance Tango, step 3, too, like this one.


Making them into the 4-patch block A is Step 4, but I only have the same one of those done. So mostly, Monday’s list will show a lot of not finished, but I’m just going to roll the unfinished projects over to next week, and maybe add one. Or two.


I’ve worked a lot, I’ve done some errands, including … drum roll please! I paid off 3 bills, one of them a few thousand! I’m so happy that my budget will now be back within my income! Plus my older son found a job. He starts job training for three weeks on Monday, and I have no car for 15 week days. I should get a lot of quilting done, don’t you think?

PLUS, my younger son found someone who has an almost new window A/C unit and he’s GIVING it to me tomorrow! By the time one of the boys installs it, the heat will be back, so how timely is that? I have been abundantly blessed this month. I can testify that faith and waiting on the Lord bring blessings. He IS in the details of our lives. If none of these things had happened, though, I’d still feel that way. 1f60a

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Monday on Tuesday

I can’t call the post Monday Madness when it’s already Tuesday, but this is still the progress from Monday. All Tuesday has to show for itself, so far, is a doctor’s appointment – just a check-up they make me do.

Yesterday, I spent about 3 hours in the sewing room, and I loved every minute! First, I alternated between working on Step 1 of my new pattern testing for Bea, and one of the few pics you’ll get to see of this. I don’t think anyone can work out the pattern from this shot!


and this, which is the Patches and Leaves from Debby Kratovil’s Calendar Girls. I’m leaving out the leaves, so it’s now called Patches Without Leaves.


Then I threw in two of these for swapping:


and finally worked on more of the Scrap Dance Tango. I had to put one block A together to see what it would look like.


I’ve fallen very far behind, considering how many small HST would be needed to keep going. I’ve made the decision that I will finish the Block A parts, and turn those into a baby quilt in one way or another. I know that Quilting Chick is starting an ongoing collection for infant ICU in San Antonio, and I think these might be perfect for that – brightening up the place.

I think I’ll call it Half a Tango is Better Than None. =)

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Monday Goals

Goals for week of May 9:

  1. Finish Debby Kratovil’s Calendar Girls April baby quilt. Finished!

    Finish 16-patch block piecing (not applique!) for March. Not finished.


  2. Add 2 borders to Twin Sisters baby quilt top center. Finished!


  3. Finish Step 3 for Scrap Dance Tango Not quite, but lots of progress.
  4. ***Find or make a backing for Batik H blocks for H2H. Finished AND spray basted, ready to quilt!
  5. Make Fussy Cut Hexagons – at least one flower. Not so much.
  6. Put hexagons together for Jenny of Elefantz Christmas Wreath. Aaarrgh! Still not yet.
  7. Work on pattern testing blocks Still on the list.
  8. Make blog hop project Still on the list.

Leader-Ender: Make 9-patch and churn dash swap blocks Nines ready to go in the mail. Churn Dash cut and some pieced.

A lot of this was done on Tuesday and Saturday, but at least there was progress. Considering the week I had, anything done was a blessing!

Now for the coming week. I don’t think this one will be as stressful, and the weather is supposed to be cool but not thunderstorms most of the time, so I should be able to get a lot done.

Week of May 16.

  1. Make blog hop project
  2. Debby Kratovil’s Calendar Girls – applique leaves for March block.
  3. Finish Steps 3 and 4 for Scrap Dance Tango
  4. Begin FMQ quilting Batik H blocks for H2H.
  5. Make Fussy Cut Hexagons – at least one flower.
  6. Put hexagons together for Jenny of Elefantz Christmas Wreath.
  7. Work on pattern testing blocks
  8. Make CQJP2016 May block

Leader-Ender: Churn Dash blocks

Back Burner: May Lotto Blocks, Modern HST, Promised Land and Scrap Vortex
Next Month: F2F blocks, navy, mustard, gray/black and log cabin scrap quilt, Debby Kratovil’s Snail’s Trail Star

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