Monday Goals

Let’s see how I did on my goals for week of December 19:

  1. Westering Women for October Finished!

  3. Work on seams for July Postcard CQ block Ooops! Slipped up there.
  4. Catch up on Modern Sampler blocks, #22 and #23 Block #22 done; cut for block #23


  6. Make at least one F2F swap block for Gun Finished!

  8. Sew HST for new baby quilt. Finished – shown not necessarily as final layout



  • Complete step 3b Lori’s Quilters Madder QAL These seem to be temporarily misplaced. I did Snowball Logs instead.

  • Clean off surface of one dresser in bedroom
  • Promised Land 4-patches

Back Burner

  • Jenny Christmas Wreath, Scrap Vortex, and Mary Lou Chickens.
  • Pennies for Rhonda’s Snowman
  • Work on Fall Love QAL Block 3
  • Make more punkins for Autumn Jubilee QAL
  • Postcards From Heaven
  • Promised Land
  • Goals for the week of December 26:

    1. Westering Women for November
    2. Work on seams for July Postcard CQ block
    3. Finish block #23 and work on last Modern Sampler block, #24
    4. Make last F2F swap block for Gun
    5. Put together Star Baby.


    • Snowball log cabin blocks

    Back Burner Projects moved to tab.

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    quilter, crazy quilter and stitcher
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    2 Responses to Monday Goals

    1. mlmcspadden says:

      Lots of progress this week! Love the Westering Women block, and the one for Gunn.

      I also finally noticed your UFO tab, might have to add something like that to my blog…….gotta think about it as I work on getting a tab/page up for the items I’ve got for sale.

    2. ecsokmay says:

      loks like a busy, productive week. Wish you the best.

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