Mid-Week Progress

In between other things today, things not nearly as exciting, I managed to finish the eleventh Westering Women block, the Bear’s Paw. Now I only have the block that Barbara posted today, and that’s it. I even found where I stuck the first six that were lost!


It’s different from ones I’ve done in the past. The four patch paw is one difference. I made all my background the same. That gives it a different look from the ones on Barbara’s blog.

As part of my leader-ender work, I finished turning all these big squares into a baby quilt center. I will have to figure out a border, because I’m not sure I have enough fabric to do it like the original, found HERE. We’ll see. I know there is some. Otherwise, I’ll do something else with the border, find a nice green or brown … or combination.


There were also 3 more Promised Land 4-patches as leader-enders.


My last F2F blocks from my November month came this week. From a LONG distance! These are Esther’s. They are gorgeous and worth waiting to receive:


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5 Responses to Mid-Week Progress

  1. billiemick says:

    My favorite is the top one. You sure have been busy.

  2. Águeda says:

    My dear friend: Whenever I take a quick look at your blog, I find a magnificent job that you have finished. This is admirable. Hugs.

  3. Kate says:

    Your bear paw block is very pretty.
    I don’t think this is one that I’ve tried yet – but must do so.

  4. Nita says:

    I do not know where you manage to find the time to accomplish so much! Yay you!

  5. I do like your Bear’s Paw block, just using two colours has made it look so different to Barbara’s.

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